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Good news for Internet Explorer 10 users!

We’re now able to bring a couple of significant benefits for Internet Explorer 10 users that Google Chrome and other browsers have already been enjoying.

The Manage Photos page now includes an image resize before upload. This means your photos will now be resized by the browser automatically before the upload begins. This considerably cuts down your upload time and negates the need to use the Photograph Resizer Tool we have provided on the site.

A second benefit is that the Super Fast Tour Publisher is now also available. Click the link next to the Tour Publisher button to find out more about this and watch a live video sequence of it in action. For those using the panoramic cameras or iPhones to capture your scenes, this is by far the fastest way to enter and publish a tour. The Super Fast Tour Publisher incorporates multi-photo select, resize before upload and tour/scene naming and submission in one swift sequence. Even if you need to adjust your scenes and tour afterward it’s still the quickest way to get your tour on to virtual tour online.

We are also planning some exciting new developments for the mobile smartphone market so we hope to talk about that more soon.

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