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Step-by-step guide to using an iPhone with Virtual Tour Online

iPhone Virtual Tour Guide

Check out our new step-by-step guide for using an iPhone with your Virtual Tour Online account. The guide shows how to capture scenes using the panoramic function built in to the iPhone, and how to create and publish the tour direct from the iPhone with our new web-app. The panoramic function of the iPhone is […]

Introducing our great mobile app…

Mobile App

If you use your iPhone or other mobile device to capture your panoramic scenes you can now use our great mobile app to publish your virtual tours from the same device. Visit the following URL on your mobile device: to get started.

Introducing SpinPod, a device to help capture seamless panoramas


For those that do not already know, the newer models of iPhone (iPhone 4S and 5 with iOS6) have a great Panorama mode built right into the camera function. You can see more information about that on a previous blog post. In our opinion the iPhone panorama function is more than capable when compared to […]

Do you have an iPhone?

There are a number of panoramic image apps which exist for the iOS platform, many of these apps create good panoramas which are perfectly suited for use with Virtual Tour Online. Any application which creates a wider image in a standard looking format, known as rectilinear, will work fine with our service. Why not try out some of the […]