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Introducing SpinPod, a device to help capture seamless panoramas

For those that do not already know, the newer models of iPhone (iPhone 4S and 5 with iOS6) have a great Panorama mode built right into the camera function. You can see more information about that on a previous blog post.

In our opinion the iPhone panorama function is more than capable when compared to the various panoramic camera modes currently available from the main camera manufacturers. However, to help you to capture your virtual tour scenes with even greater accuracy and clarity, we have become aware of a new product currently in development which should make capturing panoramas on your iPhone a breeze, SpinPod.

The project is still in the funding stage at, but they have a working prototypes and a nice video of the concept.

Their product website is

The beneficial features for creating virtual tour panoramas include:

  • The ability to set the device up on a table or cupboard right in the very corner of the room, negating the need to stand behind it, and enabling you to capture more of the scene from a greater distance.
  • The delay in starting the panoramic movement, enabling you to vacate the scene before the capture is made. This is compatible with the iPhone Panorama mode as the capture process on the phone itself does not start to create the scene until the phone itself moves.
  • The device provides a stable platform, with a smooth horizontal motion and no vertical movement or tilting.
  • The iPhone remains in the same place, and is not being moved around by panning across the users body. This also helps with capturing an accurate scene.
  • The device and the iPhone Panorama function can capture a scene with a left-to-right or right-to-left motion.
  • The device has a standard tripod thread on the underside if no suitable platform is available.

When available, they expect the device to retail for around $59 USD + shipping costs from the US. We’ve already made our pledge – why not do the same at

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