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We’ve Developed a New Viewer

We’d like to let our loyal and new customers know that with the increased demand and need for the service in the current operating climate, we’ve taken the time to significantly improve the service, at no additional cost.

We’re excited to bring you these new improvements, and are keen to add more in the near future.

Here are the highlights:

Responsive mobile friendly viewer

More and more people are using their mobile phone or tablets to help find their next home, and so we’ve made the viewer responsive to the device screen on which it is being displayed, making it much more mobile friendly.

Larger responsive viewer

The viewer is now shown in a larger format, and can go full window or full screen. This upgrade is keeping pace with the increase in screen resolutions and user bandwidth. The user can now select the scenes by moving sequentially through the scenes on display in an intuitive way with simple Next and Previous buttons. This removal of the scene list allows for a larger view.

High resolution

The images are now higher resolution and are a significant improvement in detail – this is akin to moving from SD to HD in TV formats and represents approximately 9 times more detail than the previous version.

Other viewer features and touches

  • – Displays the tour name and scene names in the top left corner.
  • – A floating agent logo in the top right corner, which can be clicked to remove from the current view.
  • – Highly transparent header and footer bars so as not to obscure the view.
  • – Highly transparent “Previous scene”, “Play / Pause”, and “Next scene” buttons.
  • – An Expand / Full Screen icon in the bottom right corner, which includes a mouse over tooltip.
  • – The Play / Pause button fades as the scene begins to animate so as not to interfere with the view.
  • – Support for standard still images, with any unused viewer borders presented with a blurred background effect.

Improved web app

The web app, which can be used to upload and create your tours, and is accessible from now includes more detailed sharing information regarding embedding options for each virtual tour. Don’t forget to add the web app to your home screen on your mobile device.

We also have some other improvements in the pipe-line that we are excited about including:

  • – A new simplified user experience on the account dashboard.
  • – Social media sharing options on the viewer to help get the tour noticed in more places. This social media sharing will allow for more information to be automatically posted with the share regarding the agent marketing the property.
  • – Removal of the complexities involved with slideshows and the manual stitching engine.
  • – Moving over to https across the service.

For those with existing tours shown already published in the older viewer style, you can go into your account dashboard to re-publish the tours in the new format – however due to the improvements in resolution we suggest you upload new higher resolution images to get the best viewer experience possible.

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