Virtual Tour Online

Drag-and-drop scene ordering

Drag and Drop Scene Ordering

We are constantly improving our virtual tour software for estate agents based on customer feedback. With that in mind we have a small announcement we’d like to make. At your request, you can now order and re-order your scenes within your virtual tours using drag-and-drop in all three areas of the system: the account centre, […]

Step-by-step guide to using an iPhone with Virtual Tour Online

iPhone Virtual Tour Guide

Check out our new step-by-step guide for using an iPhone with your Virtual Tour Online account. The guide shows how to capture scenes using the panoramic function built in to the iPhone, and how to create and publish the tour direct from the iPhone with our new web-app. The panoramic function of the iPhone is […]

Super fast tour publisher

The title says it all! Watch the video evidence. Tour Publisher is a feature of Virtual Tour Online which significantly speeds up the virtual tour creation and publishing process. This benefits the users using the panoramic cameras or iPhones which capture scenes with one photo. Selecting, uploading, naming and publishing your tour/scenes is significantly faster […]

Virtual tours made simple

If you’re still undecided about using our virtual tour software, have a look at our  demonstration video below. The new panoramic cameras make it easy to capture and check your scenes on the premises. Then, when it’s time to create and publish your finished virtual tour, our Super Fast Tour Publisher makes short work of […]

Good news for Internet Explorer 10 users!

Internet Explorer 10

We’re now able to bring a couple of significant benefits for Internet Explorer 10 users that Google Chrome and other browsers have already been enjoying. The Manage Photos page now includes an image resize before upload. This means your photos will now be resized by the browser automatically before the upload begins. This considerably cuts […]