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Taking Photographs

Please follow the simple guidelines below for taking photographs to ensure the best results:

NOTE: We strongly recommend the use of a camera tripod when taking your photographs. This eliminates vertical camera movement, reduces camera tilt and roll, and also reduces the amount that the camera is moved from side to side when rotating the camera from one photo to the next. All of these factors help to produce a better end result.

  • we recommend that you take your photographs in portrait mode (i.e. by rotating your camera 90 degrees). This can give the effect, especially with internal photographs, of a wide angle lens,
  • take your photographs in sequential order from left to right,
  • rotate yourself around the camera to change the camera angle, keeping your camera as stationary as possible, to take the next photograph,
  • preferably use a tripod for optimal results,
  • ensure each photograph overlaps with the previous one by approximately 25-30%,
  • try not to move the camera vertically while rotating and taking pictures,
  • if you are taking photographs of a room, we recommend that you stand or position the camera in one corner of the room and rotate through a 90 degree turn to capture the whole room,
  • try not to have objects too close to the camera, such as chairs and tables etc. This can create or increase parallex errors in the end result. Parallax is a visual effect where objects that are in the foreground appear to move more relative to objects in the background, as you move or rotate the camera,
  • if your camera has a fixed exposure option, use it so that all the pictures taken in a sequence for a scene are at the same exposure level. Cameras which have auto-exposures will take pictures at varying exposure levels making it more difficult to create the finished scene.
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Page last modified on June 09, 2009, at 03:40 PM