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  1. How does the system work?
    See our Homepage for the basic online demonstration. Briefly:
  • You take the photographs yourself,
  • You then use your own login account to upload your photographs as a tour to our service using a web browser, or the web app.
  • Use the provided URL link to publish your completed tours on your own website, property portal, PDF document etc.
  • The tours are hosted in the cloud using our servers, and the system is compatible with anything that allows a URL link to be added.
  1. Is this virtual tour service compatible with my estate agent software?

Yes, we have developed our virtual tour service to be compatible with estate agent software and property portals.

  1. Is this virtual tour service compatible with

Yes, many of our customers are creating virtual tours with our service and linking them on Rightmove supports links to external virtual tours.

  1. What is the best way to take my pictures to ensure the best results?

Generally, the best approach is to capture your panoramic scene from the corner of a room, enabling you to capture as much of the scene as possible. Try to avoid having objects close to the camera. We have compiled some additional information on our Using the System page.

  1. Uploading photos seems to be taking a long time, is there anything I can do?

You may be using an older web browser. Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari all support resizing your photos before they are uploaded to our service, significantly reducing the upload time.

  1. I've changed the photographs in a tour and submitted it for processing, but when I view the tour I'm still looking at the old one.

This is because your web browser has stored the virtual tour in your local cache. Please force the browser to refresh the page from the source rather than use the cache store, or research emptying the cache for the browser you are using.

  1. Can I change the order in which the scenes are shown on the tour?

Yes. When publishing your tour from the super-fast tour publisher or from the mobile web-app, use the drag icon to drag-and-drop the scenes into the order you require prior to publishing the tour. After publication or from the account centre go to the manage scenes page for the tour and alter the order in the same way. Remember to click on the Submit button to reflect any changes made to the tour.

  1. How long will my virtual tours stay online?

Your virtual tours will remain online for as long as you maintain a subscription.

  1. Why do I keep getting logged out after an hour?

This is a security feature. If, after logging in, you are inactive on our website for a period of one hour, you will automatically be logged out.

  1. How many scenes can I link to each property virtual tour?

You can have an unlimited number of scenes and slideshows in a tour. The user moves between the scenes with the Next and Previous icons on the sides of the tour image. When the user reaches the last scene, pressing Next will take them back to the first scene.

  1. Can I use the single images I have already stitched from a different source, such as a previous provider or from my digital camera or smartphone?

Yes, you only need to upload your completed image and it will be displayed using our standard tour viewer. The image must be in rectilinear format - this looks like a standard camera image, except it is wider.

  1. Can I add our logo to our tours?

Yes you can. To add your company logo to the Tours:

  • Click on the 'Settings' menu at the top of the page.
  • Click on the 'Browse' button to search for your logo.
  • Click on the 'Finish' button.
    Please note that all logos should be a maximum of 100 x 100 pixels in size. Also, these changes are global to the account. For any existing tours that you want to apply this change to, those tours would need to be re-submitted for processing after making these changes.
  1. Can I turn on or off the display of the tour names on our tours?

Yes you can. To turn on or off Tour names on the published Tours:

  • Click on the 'Settings' menu at the top of the page.
  • Change the Show Tour Name dropdown to Yes or No as appropriate.
  • Click on the 'Finish' button.
    Please note that these changes are global to the account. Also for any existing tours that you want to apply this change to, those tours would need to be re-submitted after making these changes.
  1. Where is the option to view the tour in full window / full screen mode?

In the bottom right corner of the tour is an Expand or Full Screen icon. The option available to you is dependent on whether you are viewing the tour embedded on an existing web page (Expand option), or viewing the tour using the standard link on a new page (Full Screen option).

  1. Why is it that some photos animate and some don't?

Our system is designed to be responsive on all manner of screen sizes and viewer windows. We animate the panoramic images from side-to-side - as long as the image being viewed is wider than the viewing window, it will animate. Initially the photo is scaled to the height of the viewer window, and the system maintains the aspect ratio of the image to eliminate artificial distortion in the image. The width of the image is then calculated and as long as that width is wider than the pixels being used on the width of the viewer it will animate from side-to-side until the full width of the image has been shown.

  1. Why is the image twitching slightly from side-to-side?

This is because the width of the image is only slightly wider than the width of the viewer showing the image. To make the image animate more you would either view the image in a narrower window, or capture a wider panorama. Consider that whatever width image you capture, a user can still increase the width of the image enough to the point that the image will not animate.

  1. Whilst looking at an animating image in portrait mode on my mobile device, and then changing the orientation to landscape mode, the image stops animating - why is this?

This is because the mobile device is wider than the image in landscape orientation, and so the image is displayed as a standard still image.

  1. How do I know whilst at a property whether the image I've captured will animate on certain devices when viewed?

You may get used to the width required when capturing using your device and for a particular target platform.

If you require further help please e-mail

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