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The tours are created using your own panoramic images captured with your own equipment. We do not send out photographers to capture the tours. Always ensure that you have captured good panoramas before leaving the premises.

The first thing you should do, even before obtaining a subscription to our service, is ensure that you can capture panoramic photographs. The photographs should be standard rectilinear photographs, which are essentially normal photographs that are wider than the standard width - this allows them to pan across the screen in our viewer.

There are essentially three different ways that you can generate a panoramic photo suitable for use with our service:

Generally you will stand in the corner of a scene and use a camera or smart phone which captures panoramic images. You then upload these captured scenes to our web service using your own login account or our web app on your smart phone, and then publish and share your completed virtual tours with a URL or web link which you add to other software or sites.

Additional tips:

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